by Grayda

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chosen prod rare akuma
work prod genshin
critical prod mokes X jj ohms


released August 6, 2016



all rights reserved


Scumwave New Jersey

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Track Name: Chosen
prod rare akuma

bitches inadequate
i am not havin it
flow is immaculate
lone on the island i reach for the javelin
broke im a bandit i dream of the benjamins

she know that im heavensent
still i stay devilin
research malevolent
work for improvement but i cannot manage it

crack on the seal now im juggin that potion
crew vullin up so the dope is in motion
rust in my head i cant think for a moment
stare at the sky i dont know where im going
take me no time i just write something potent
smokin that thraxx and im feelin so lonely
females ignore till they hear im chosen
squeezin the sheathe i stay on till im broken

heathenous villain, lord of the wicked shit
i cannot stop till i slaughter bout everything
meddling within my mental insanities
fighting the demons who strain on my vanity
bitch i been to hell and back
tank on e i siphon gas
head so heavy my skull just cracked
scumwave be that fuckin pack

facing the bars so im pleading insanity
knowing for certain that they gon be mad at me
step on the beat and im slicing your family
under the guise that it's all just a fantasy